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Twist-Out Tutorial Using Dove’s: Quench Absolute Crème Serum



Target’s Beauty Box for September came filled this month with tons of natural hair goodies that I was absolutely stoked about. Out of all the hair products that came in the box, the Dove Quench Absolute Crème Serum really stood out to me. I didn’t know Dove even had hair products catering to natural hair. The packaging was really sleek and it has a pump to dispense the product. The first thing I usually do when trying a new product is to see how it smells. This product has a perfume-like smell, which I’m not crazy about, but by the time it dries it goes away and you’re desensitized by it. The product aims to counter 5 key problems of textured hair: (1) Quenches hair dryness (2) Strengthens the hair shaft (3) Improves hair manageability (4) Smoothes the hair fiber surface (5) Seals hair cuticles to lock in nutrients

How to Achieve a Twist-Out Using Dove’s Quench Absolute: (Step by Step)

Step 1: Start off with freshly washed hair, especially being that this is the first time I am testing this product out, you want to see how your hair fully reacts to the product.

Step 2: Part you hair into sections in preparation to twist your hair. I will be sectioning my hair into big sections because I like my twists chunky, but you can definitely part into smaller sections if preferred.

Step 3: Rake the serum in each section and comb through thoroughly.


Step 4: Twist your hair in a crossover motion until you get to your ends. Tip: Finger-coil your ends for extra definition.

In total, I have about 9 twists all over.


Step 5: Use a diffuser on a low heat or cool setting for faster drying.


Step 6: Unravel each twist.


Step 7: Use an Afropick to lift the root and create volume!

Tip: If you want a more defined look only pick at the root, if you want lots of volume, pick all the way.

Final Look:

Have you ever used Dove’s Quench Absolute Serum? Let me know your thoughts!

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