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Adore Curls Product Review



I am absolutely in love with the Adore Curls product line! Not only are their products natural but they are also cruelty free. These products cater to every hair texture and are made with luxury ingredients. I tested these products for over a month on my hair to see how it would react, check out the review below for more deets!

It even comes in the cutest packaging, totally loved that!


Light Conditioning Cream & Moisturizer
I may have found another staple! Not only is this product lightweight, but you can also use it daily as a moisturizer! The consistency is medium to light and a little goes a long way. I used this on my wash and go and on twist outs and they turned out lovely!
Retail Price: 16.00 for 8oz.
Ingredients:Distilled Water, Pure Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, Conditioning Emulsifier, Sweet Almond Oil, Premium Fragrance Oil, Vitamin E, Paraben and Formaldehyde-¬Free Preservative, Premium Fragrance Oil


Whipped Dream Hair Butter (Trial Size)
This cream is amaze balls! I used this to coat my strands for extra moisture and it did the job! Not only did it keep my hair moisturized but it even softened it as well. You can even use this on your skin! It has a thick consistency, but once you rub it in your fingers it becomes a really light pomade. It also smells delish, like a tropical concoction!
Retail Price: 18.00 for 8oz.
Ingredients:Shea Butter, Argan Oil, Golden Jojoba Oil, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Vitamin E, Premium Fragrance Oil


Liquid Luxe Hair Oil (Trial Size)
This is such a great sealant! I used this oil with the LCO Method (Liquid, Cream & Oil), but aside from the LCO Method this oil can be used is so many ways! Hot oil treatment, pre-shampoo, sealant and even on your skin! Sealants are great for locking in moisture and this product does the job.

Final Thoughts:
I was really impressed with this product line; my hair responded great to the Adore Curls products and my hair felt moisturized without me having to reapply more product. I also found that it did not cause any heavy build up, which is a major plus! I will definitely be adding these as staples. I noticed that my hair always responds better to products that have natural ingredients as opposed to the rest. The only two con’s I found was the smell in the Light conditioning Cream, it has like a minty smell that I wasn’t crazy about, but I found that once it dries it totally goes away! The other con would be the price, it is a bit on the expensive side, but the products are totally worth it! The ingredients are of high quality and natural, which are going to help keep your hair and scalp healthy. I love that the creator of these products is also a naturalista and has formulated these products after realizing that the key to healthy hair and great products is quality ingredients.
Check out these products on their website: www.AdoreCurls.com

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