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6 Ways to Combat Hair Breakage




We all have come across breakage at some point, but the good news is that there are many ways we can stop it! Here are a few hair breakage tips that will help give you healthy hair and help maintain those tresses.

Minimal to No Heat
Using high heat on a regular basis will cause irreversible damage to your hair and eventually lead to breakage.

Dry hair = more prone to breakage. Try to maintain your hair moisturized as much as you can. Look for the signs, your hair will usually tell you when it is in need of moisture. One way of keeping in the moisture is by using the L.C.O Method (Liquid, Cream and Oil).

Say NO to Towels
Terry cloth can be very rough to your tresses, instead opt for using an old T-shirt which is more gentle.

Avoid Alcohols
Products that contain alcohol as an ingredient, will dry out your hair.

Night Routine
Invest in a satin pillow case, satin scarf or even try pinappling your hair to avoid dryness from the cotton that tends to absorb your hair’s natural oils.

Leave your hair alone!
Low manipulation is  key! That means no constantly  fussing and tugging with your  hair.

What are some of the ways you combat hair breakage?

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