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5 Ways You Can Tell If Your Hair Is Damaged




When your hair is feeling dry or damaged, it may be more difficult to deal with. Or you may not know if your hair is damaged by neglecting the most visible signs. Here are 5 ways you can tell immediately if your hair damaged.

Dull Hair
You may find that even after deep conditioning your hair still looks dull. This is a certain sign that your hair is harmed and the shafts are no longer smooth.

Brittle/Dry Texture
The best way to test and know whether or not your hair is damaged, is by holding a section of your hair upside down so that your ends are pointing upward. Next, run your finger over the end to test the texture. Notice if the texture is soft, or is it hard and brittle? A brittle or weak dry texture usually means a damaged hair shaft that is not absorbing moisture well.

Split Ends
Another sign of damaged hair is by noticing if you have split ends. Split ends are caused by dryness and harsh treatment. There is no product that will repair split ends; the best way to treat split ends is by cutting them off.

Hair Breakage
If you notice way more shedding on your comb or around your room/bathroom, it could be a sign of damaged hair. Damaged hair that is dry and brittle tends to snap off easily. Although, some hair loss is normal, when you see a large increase of it, you can definitely count on damaged hair as being the culprit. This can be the result of excessive tugging, hair manipulation, over processing, relaxers or even a hair color gone wrong.

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