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Best Transitioning Hairstyles



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Had enough of relaxers but you don’t want to cut all of your processed hair off? Then Transitioning may be just for you! Transitioning Hairstyles will help you blend your straight hair with your natural texture. Try these hairstyles to get you through the sometimes-awkward stages of transitioning and you’ll feel confident that your hair looks good every day:

1. Flat Twists
Very similar to cornrows, you use two strands of hair instead of three when creating these twists, which lie on the head. You’ll still need to secure the ends. If your hair is past your shoulders, you can gather the ends into a ponytail or bun, while shorter hair can simply be pinned into place.


2. Buns
Buns, topknots and chignons are all easy and elegant ways to style transitioning hair. If you work in a professional environment, skip the scrunchies and choose other accessories to hold your hair in place, opt for elastic bands or use hairpins.


3. Bantu Knots
Unlike twist outs or braid outs if your ends are straight from relaxer this method will curl your ends. You can wear bantu knots as a style on its own or you can take them out for a curly look.


4. Roller Sets
This includes curling your hair by use of perm rods, flexi rods, and rollers. Roller sets are easy to do and can last up to a week with care. Using this transitioning style allows you to have a controlled and uniform look to your curls.


5. Extensions/Afro Wigs/Curly Wigs
For some women, weaving their hair away during transitioning is much easier. You can even choose extensions that mimic natural hair so that you can get an idea of what your new texture will look like on you. Wigs are great because you can do protective styling (cornrows, coils, two strand twists, box braids) underneath and change up your style a bit or cover up a bad hair day! Secure your hair pieces but again not too tight, so you can avoid a thinning hairline.

What are some of your favorite transitioning hairstyles?

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