What is oil rinsing and how does it help natural hair?
Oil rinsing is simply an extra step between shampooing and conditioning that promises to make detangling a breeze, make your hair retain moisture much better and increase softness and shine. All in all, it is a like a hot oil treatment done while you are in the shower.

The advantages of Oil Rinsing:
• Moisture retention
• Smooth, soft hair
• Reduction/elimination of single strand knots
• Easier detangling
• Natural shine enhancer

Here’s how you do an oil rinse:
• Start by shampooing your hair, if you are co washing only then just rinse your hair, but make sure it gets soaked.
• Coat your wet hair with about a handful (about ½ cup or so) of your favourite oil like olive, jojoba, castor etc.
• Rinse the oil off with hot water.
• Proceed to apply conditioner to your strands liberally.
• Rinse with cool water while detangling. This should be quick and painless!
• Apply your leave in conditioner and seal

Have you tried the oil rinsing method on your hair?

Why is moisturizing so important? and How do we moisturize correctly?
Moisturizing the hair is very important. Natural hair (kinky, coily and curly) are naturally dryer than other hair textures. It is also that more fragile. The only way we can keep our hair healthy and growing is to keep it constantly moisturized. DRY HAIR BREAKS!! So you have to be very careful when handling your hair when it is dry.

You can moisturize correctly by sealing in moisture (water or leave in conditioner with WATER as the first ingredient) with oil or for thicker hair a hair butter. Some use a leave in after their styling product or the oil last. It all depends on the person and the type of regimen you want to keep up. Keeping your hair moisturized is one step towards retaining length, here are some ways to keep your natural hair regularly moisturized.

Co-Wash In-between Shampoo Washes
If you are one to feel it necessary to cleanse your hair with shampoo on wash day, then make sure you follow up with deep conditioning afterward. In addition, in-between your wash day, co-wash your hair. For example, if you choose Sunday as your wash day, make Wednesday the day you co-wash. This way your hair is getting that extra moisture from the wash in the meantime. Also adding oils or even honey (which is a humectant) in your conditioner will help you retain moisture.

Use Water-based Moisturizers
Styling your hair with a water-based product will ensure that your hair is getting some additional moisture. This could also mean when you re-style your hair at night, you may not have to add more product. Make sure you are choosing the ‘moisturizer’ that is water-based. This means, the 1st or 2nd ingredient should be water, (aqua). If water isn’t one of the first two ingredients, then it’s not a water-based product.

Seal, Seal and Seal! (in Moisture)
After washing your hair, before styling, seal in the moisture (water) by adding oil to your strands. Oil will seal in the water, keeping your hair hydrated and moisturized. Aloe Vera is also a great sealant.


Hair Butters are a great way to add moisture to your natural hair. Here are 5 great hair butters to choose from what will help seal in moisture and add shine to your tresses.

Curlaide Moisture Butter – Camille Rose Naturals

This butter has a little bit of hold, for more defined twists/braids or slicked back styles/updos, also can be used for wash and go’s.

Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine
Great moisturizer and mostly used as a sealer and finishing product. Light and fresh scent, provides softness and shine. A little goes a long way.

Bee Hold Curly Butter – Bee Mine
Bee Mine Bee Hold Curly Butter has a soft, touchable hold that will help to defrizz your waves, curls and kinks and give your hair great definition. Works well for twists, finger curls, puffs/pony tails and especially for laying down unruly hair. It has a light hold and does not weigh your hair down. Also has a coconut Cream Scent.

Belle Butters-Shea and Matcha Green Tea Butter.
Absolutely love this product! Not only does this product moisturize your hair, it softens it as well. It also strengthens and softens hair while preventing split ends.

Karen’s Body Beautiful Butter Love
This is a very rich hair product. A little goes a long way and it smells very nice (vanilla lavender). Conditions, softens and adds sheen to fragile, stressed hair. Great for thick


I came across this hilarious parody by the lovely MyInvisibleChyrsalis. Where she discusses the politics of it all. The products, the 50-11 million ways to do a twist out. The Hair Nazi’s, Relaxed vs. Natural. With pros comes cons. The divisiveness, the hair typing, constant articles about why we do what we do to our hair. At the end of the day like she says: It’s just hurr. Natural hair is beautiful. It’s big, it’s kinky, curly, coily. It’s bold, it’s soft and oh, so feminine. This video is less to do with the hair, and more to do with what comes with the hair, lol. Check out the video below:)
Enjoy guys!! Xoxo


Deep conditioning is a great way to add moisture back into the hair, strengthen elasticity, and helps with overall health of your hair and scalp. Since I have color treated hair, I personally deep condition my hair about twice a week or (when i can). It is a great way of revitalizing your curls and bringing it back to life! Check out my tutorial in the video below
What you will need:
• (1) Avocado
• (1) Egg
• (1) Banana
• Extra virgin Olive Oil
• Mayonnaise
• Aloe Vera Juice (or you can use a bit of water) for consistency