Here are 9 ways to improve your natural hair and to prevent damage to help you meet your hair goal lengths!

1. Protective style your hair. Wear simple styles that offer little manipulation of your tresses and hide your ends which are the oldest parts of your hair. Buns and up-dos are classic and very easy to do.
2. Stop heat styling your hair. Air drying is the best thing you can do to keep your hair on your head. Limit heat styling to rare special occasions
3. Never comb or brush dry hair to style. Finger comb or wear hair in twist outs, twists, braids or braids out to minimize breakage.
4. Comb hair from the bottom up. When your hair is soaking with conditioner, you can comb it with a large tooth comb or Denman brush to detangle. Do so carefully, working from the bottom up.
5. Never ever tease your hair. This is a cardinal sin against natural hair (well hair in general but some don’t know it)
6. Don’t pull hair apart like a wishbone. If your hair is tangled, gently pull it up and apart in stead of pulling it apart like would a wishbone.
7. Use hair accessories with no hanging parts or exposed metal. Banana clips, Satin Scrunchies, Goodie Flex Barrettes, Ouchless bobby pins & Ouchless/No Snag elastic bands are the best for styling hair so that it does not get damaged.
8. Avoid pulling hair tight at the hairline. Doing so will recede your hairline and damage the follicles permanently.
9. Check your nails. Hanging nails will damage hair. Always make sure your nails are smooth and even before hair styling.

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Does it seem as if your hair isn’t growing? There are two reasons why you may not be seeing growth. You may have unrealistic expectations for how fast it is suppose to grow and the care that you are providing your hair with may not be so great. People spend so much time searching for that “magic product” that will make them grow all of this hair over night, which they neglect bad habits that they need to improve on.

In fact, our hair is always growing and we grow on average 1/2 inch of hair a month (6 inches a year). If you are not seeing growth this means that you are either being impatient or you are not retaining the hair that you have grown. If you find that you are not retaining your hair or it is breaking off as you are growing it, this means that you have to change how you care for your hair. Here are 5 reasons why your hair may not be growing: View Post


I’ve heard this far too many times, but the truth of the matter is that hair never stops growing. Don’t fret! What you may be experiencing is damage that is restricting the ability to retain length. You can assess your hair by checking out the 5 reasons below on why your hair is not growing.

• Lack of Moisture: Solution: Drink more water! and also hydrate your hair with moisturizing products.
• Lack of Protein: Solution: Hair is made up of protein, try adding more protein to your diet or even directly to your hair as treatments.

Hard H20 Deposits:
• Hard water has a high mineral content, usually calcium and magnesium but may also include bicarbonates and sulfates, which can all create build up.
• Solution: By utilizing a good water filter that removes the unwanted metal ions from the water. Also there are tests you can buy at your local drugstore to test if you have hard water. Another technique is to use a chelating shampoo regularly.

Chemical Damage:
Color treatment: Hair dye needs to be able to get into the hair shaft, so in order for the dye to penetrate through the cuticle, it has to be lifted up. The problem with that is once you’ve disturbed the cuticle, the damage has started because the cuticle is not meant to be lifted up.
Solution: The effects of color treated hair is irreversible, but applying a protein treatment to your hair two to three times per month may help. Protein treatments replace the protein in the hair that is lost through processing, and protein helps strengthen your damaged hair.

Poor Diet/Lack of Exercise:
As that saying goes: “you are what you eat”, and if you are not getting the proper nutrients or vitamins for your body your hair could really suffer.
Solution: Hair is made up of protein, eat more proteins! as well as greens. Multi-vitamins also help aid in strengthening hair.

Physical Damage:
Styling maintenance: Sometimes fussing with your hair too much (i.e. over styling), excessive heat styling, chemical hair coloring, and bleaching can cause a lot of stress to your hair. It can weaken your hair’s elasticity and can lead to breakage, thinning of the hair and severe hair damage.
Solution: Less is always more. Use everything in moderation. Try heatless hairstyles for a while to give your hair a break. If you are coloring, opt for a Henna dye or Vegan color which is safer and less harsh on your tresses. Also, low manipulation styles are a charm!

Remember, the key to having long hair is length retention. Your hair is always growing, but by taking proper care of your hair (especially the ends which are the oldest parts of your hair), you will have less damage and breakage and therefore will be able to retain more length. How do you retain more length? By keeping your hair properly moisturized and Finding the Balance. Less manipulation with your hands, combs, and brushes will reduce the amount of breakage. Using less heat and trimming your ends when needed will reduce the amount of damage on the hair.


What is Biotin?
Biotin is a vitamin of the B complex, which is found in egg yolk, liver, and yeast. A great aid in helping your body process energy, and of carrying carbon dioxide through your body.

Why is it good for your hair?
Generally, if you suffer from a Biotin deficiency, you will typically experience hair loss and brittle nails, and taking supplements or biotin in food will help aid in preventing this process. In many cases, taking a form of Biotin supplement may even help you to stimulate new hair and nail growth.
There are many pill forms of Biotin that are on the market nowadays, that can be taken as a supplement. But you can also have your daily intake of Biotin naturally. Here is a list of 8 natural great sources of Biotin for hair.

Biotin Facts:

  • Biotin Promotes Healthy Hair Growth
  • Protects against dryness
  • Increases hair’s elasticity
  • To reduce breakage, it helps produce keratin that prevents hair loss

Top 8 Natural Food sources of Biotin:
Whole Wheat Bread


Growing natural hair may seem like a challenge to most, but it really is just as much as you make it out to be. For instance, having the proper knowledge for hair care and most importantly, patience! Here are a few simple Do’s & Don’ts list to help you along the course of your natural hair journey.

Eat Well
Eating a well balanced diet not only for the health of your hair, but for the health of your entire body. Remember healthy hair starts from the inside.

Keep Hydrated
Water is your best friend! You must keep your self hydrated, sugary drinks don’t do anything for our bodies.

Keeping your hair moisturized is key to avoiding breakage and dry hair. The LCO method is a great method to retain moisture. Start with a liquid, style with a cream and seal with an oil.

Protect your Ends
Keep the ends of your hair protected, with various styles like buns, two strand twists, French braids or even tuck and roll styles. The less wear and tear your ends endure regularly the better.

Have a regular routine for washing and deep conditioning your hair. Neglecting to remove build up from your hair can cause clogged hair follicles.

Constantly overusing heat styling tools on your hair can lead to split ends, dryness, breakage and even alters the natural curl pattern of your hair texture.

Over combing and constantly brushing your hair isn’t always a good thing. It can actually rip through fairy knots you may have and tear it apart. If needed, try using an oil of your choice and finger detangle instead. Low manipulation styles is key.

Night Routine
Do NOT go to bed without protecting your hair. Cotton pillow cases suck all of your hair’s moisture. Opt for silk or satin pillow cases, bonnets or silk/satin scarfs instead.

Set a trimming schedule and trim on a needed basis. Do not neglect your ends! There are also another method you can use, like the “search and destroy” method. Trimming hair helps you retain length.