I’ve darkened my hair for the season and I’m obsessed! I cant even remember the last time I had dark hair and I have been so stuck on being blonde for the past x-amount of years. I am not gonna lie, I do miss my blonde hair, but I am also loving the dark and it was definitely time for a change. While going dark, I wanted to go with a color that was subtle and still complimented me, because going from light to dark can be really drastic at times. I chose to darken my hair with Clairol Pro’s Textures & Tones. Not only have I used many of their color’s in the past (especially the infamous “honey blonde” color), but being familiar with their line comforts me that I know I will get a good result [Trust me- I’ve trialed many many box color’s]. So let’s discuss the perks of this hair color: it’s ammonia-free, texture-loving, moisture-rich and conditions the hair with jojoba and five botanical extracts. AND this line was designed for women of color. Check out my tutorial below to see my before and after results.

Romper’s are quite all the rave for the summer! I love me a cute romper to wear for just about any occasion. Not only can you pair it with just about anything, you cant go wrong with a pair of sneakers, sandals, heels or even combat boots! The versatility is endless! My favorite thing about Romper’s are how comfy they always are, besides the having to completely get nakey when having to use the bathroom LOL. Other than that, they are bomb, especially this flower piece from Tobi.com. View Post

Spring has finally arrived and ya gurl is sprung! As I am adding more floral’s into the collection (because you know you cant have enough florals!). I’m obsessed with this sheer piece from Lulu’s. It’s all about the details. The Maxi skirt, criss-cross action in the back, deep plunge in the front and the floral print mixed in sheer fabric. I paired it off with a leather jacket (because I’m all about the rocker-chic look). View Post

I hardly ever wear pink, but when I do, I like to wear it with a bang! Statement pieces can accentuate the simplest outfits and give it more sass. In this case I paired this skirt with a black leather jacket to contrast the pink suede skirt and also paired it along with the trending transparent heels. To top it off, a pair of eccentric sunnies to finish the look. View Post