Growing up in the Dominican culture, we as women are not taught to embrace our natural hair. If your hair is not straight and silky it is most likely considered to be “bad hair”, or we were told that wetting our hair too much would cause damage, which was why I always had my hair blow-dried.

With a combination of breakage, perming, heat damage and excessively dying my hair throughout the years, my hair eventually started to fall off. It was beyond over processed. I wore weaves/extensions and it made my hair even worse. I honestly thought I would never get my hair back until I started doing research and became obsessed with natural hair.

All in all it was extremely liberating for me to go natural, be free and just be me. I have been natural for a 1 year and 7 months and it’s the healthiest it has ever been and it has become a huge part of me. Check out my hair journey video below for some inspiration :).