Hoodie Season

Winter Wonderland?

Can you believe we are still getting snow right in the middle of March? I mean jeez when does it end!? Winters in the East Coast can literally feel like 6 months and they are nothing but brutal. That’s why you need to stock up on cozy winter essentials to get you through the cold and stay warm and cozy. Yup, Hoodie Season is still among us.

I love this oversized Hoodie from TOBI, because not only does it match my style, but it is also versatile. So you can get the most out of wearing this multiple ways.

The cut is long enough to be worn as a Hooded Sweater Dress and can also be worn for that Tom Girl swag look.

The sleeves are flare belled and have split side hems which you can also roll up.

If you’re having a case of the winter blues, hang in there my friend. Spring is coming soon.

Outfit Details:

Oversized Hoodie: TOBI
Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Shoes: Converse
Jacket: Zara Men’s
Polarized Sunglasses: Amazon

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