Think Pink with Mink

Who doesn’t love cute gym clothes to use while working out? I don’t know about you, but it is totally more of a confidence boost and gets my butt to go to the gym! Not only are they really comfortable, but when I’m at my most relaxed state, 90% percent of the time I’m in gym clothes.

I love the details in this piece from MinkPink, I like the straps detail and how they criss cross. Also the fabric is really soft and breathable.

Also, have fun with color! Don’t be afraid of experimenting with bright tones. The brighter the better, I love the pink accents in this piece which make it stand out.

If you’re looking for cute workout clothes to wear to the gym, check out MinkPink’s active wear collection.

Outfit Details:

Jumpsuit: MinkPink

Shoes: Addidas


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