5 Reasons Why your hair isn’t “Growing”


I’ve heard this far too many times, but the truth of the matter is that hair never stops growing. Don’t fret! What you may be experiencing is damage that is restricting the ability to retain length. You can assess your hair by checking out the 5 reasons below on why your hair is not growing.

• Lack of Moisture: Solution: Drink more water! and also hydrate your hair with moisturizing products.
• Lack of Protein: Solution: Hair is made up of protein, try adding more protein to your diet or even directly to your hair as treatments.

Hard H20 Deposits:
• Hard water has a high mineral content, usually calcium and magnesium but may also include bicarbonates and sulfates, which can all create build up.
• Solution: By utilizing a good water filter that removes the unwanted metal ions from the water. Also there are tests you can buy at your local drugstore to test if you have hard water. Another technique is to use a chelating shampoo regularly.

Chemical Damage:
Color treatment: Hair dye needs to be able to get into the hair shaft, so in order for the dye to penetrate through the cuticle, it has to be lifted up. The problem with that is once you’ve disturbed the cuticle, the damage has started because the cuticle is not meant to be lifted up.
Solution: The effects of color treated hair is irreversible, but applying a protein treatment to your hair two to three times per month may help. Protein treatments replace the protein in the hair that is lost through processing, and protein helps strengthen your damaged hair.

Poor Diet/Lack of Exercise:
As that saying goes: “you are what you eat”, and if you are not getting the proper nutrients or vitamins for your body your hair could really suffer.
Solution: Hair is made up of protein, eat more proteins! as well as greens. Multi-vitamins also help aid in strengthening hair.

Physical Damage:
Styling maintenance: Sometimes fussing with your hair too much (i.e. over styling), excessive heat styling, chemical hair coloring, and bleaching can cause a lot of stress to your hair. It can weaken your hair’s elasticity and can lead to breakage, thinning of the hair and severe hair damage.
Solution: Less is always more. Use everything in moderation. Try heatless hairstyles for a while to give your hair a break. If you are coloring, opt for a Henna dye or Vegan color which is safer and less harsh on your tresses. Also, low manipulation styles are a charm!

Remember, the key to having long hair is length retention. Your hair is always growing, but by taking proper care of your hair (especially the ends which are the oldest parts of your hair), you will have less damage and breakage and therefore will be able to retain more length. How do you retain more length? By keeping your hair properly moisturized and Finding the Balance. Less manipulation with your hands, combs, and brushes will reduce the amount of breakage. Using less heat and trimming your ends when needed will reduce the amount of damage on the hair.


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