How to Clarify Natural Hair with Bentonite Clay


If you are looking for another way of cleansing your hair rather than using shampoo, then the Bentonite Clay would be the perfect alternative for you! Not only is it 100% percent natural, but it is also great for all hair types and can be used as a facial mask.

What is Clarifying?
Clarifying is the process of removing buildup from your scalp and hair.
When to Clarify?
You will usually know when it is time to clarify when you curl pattern is limp or your hair looks dull.

I purchased my Bentonite Clay at my local Whole Foods supermarket, but you can totally get the clay in some beauty supply stores or better yet on Amazon.

Bentonite Clay is a very unique substance, mainly formed of Montmorillonite, which is an extremely flat crystal flake, that carries a relatively strong negative ionic charge. When you activate the clay, the negative charge absorbs all of the toxins magnetically. Think of it as a vacuum sucking out all of the bad stuff!


How to use the Bentonite Clay?
Mix the powder with a liquid of your choice (Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Rose Water or water) until it is a creamy consistency (you want it to just glide through your hair since you are raking it in). Also make sure to use a wood or plastic spoon instead of metal. (Contact with metal may decrease the clay’s potency)
Tip: Aloe Vera seemed to work best in terms of softening my hair as opposed to the other liquids, although you can try and feel out the other solutions and test what works best for your hair.


Apply it in sections by raking it in through the hair and concentrating mainly in the scalp area. Leave in for about 15-20 min’s then rinse! Check out the video below for a step by step process on how to clarify with Bentonite Clay.
Tip: It may be a little drying after you cleanse, make sure you rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle and condition after to restore moisture in your hair.


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