Natural Hair Growth’s: Do’s & Don’ts


Growing natural hair may seem like a challenge to most, but it really is just as much as you make it out to be. For instance, having the proper knowledge for hair care and most importantly, patience! Here are a few simple Do’s & Don’ts list to help you along the course of your natural hair journey.

Eat Well
Eating a well balanced diet not only for the health of your hair, but for the health of your entire body. Remember healthy hair starts from the inside.

Keep Hydrated
Water is your best friend! You must keep your self hydrated, sugary drinks don’t do anything for our bodies.

Keeping your hair moisturized is key to avoiding breakage and dry hair. The LCO method is a great method to retain moisture. Start with a liquid, style with a cream and seal with an oil.

Protect your Ends
Keep the ends of your hair protected, with various styles like buns, two strand twists, French braids or even tuck and roll styles. The less wear and tear your ends endure regularly the better.

Have a regular routine for washing and deep conditioning your hair. Neglecting to remove build up from your hair can cause clogged hair follicles.

Constantly overusing heat styling tools on your hair can lead to split ends, dryness, breakage and even alters the natural curl pattern of your hair texture.

Over combing and constantly brushing your hair isn’t always a good thing. It can actually rip through fairy knots you may have and tear it apart. If needed, try using an oil of your choice and finger detangle instead. Low manipulation styles is key.

Night Routine
Do NOT go to bed without protecting your hair. Cotton pillow cases suck all of your hair’s moisture. Opt for silk or satin pillow cases, bonnets or silk/satin scarfs instead.

Set a trimming schedule and trim on a needed basis. Do not neglect your ends! There are also another method you can use, like the “search and destroy” method. Trimming hair helps you retain length.


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