The Greenhouse Method (for Hair Growth)


The Green House Effect Method is a natural and effective means of boosting hair growth due to the fact that it allows the hair to retain moisture more efficiently. The steam effect created penetrates into the scalp to increase average growth rate. The method involves covering your hair with a plastic cap after moisturizing and sealing in order to create a ‘steam’ effect on your scalp overnight.

How It Works:

The belief is that if you use the Greenhouse Effect, your scalp will thrive because it is moist. If you have a healthy and happy scalp, your hair will grow as well. They say that it can double and even triple your hair growth. You could also give yourself a quick scalp massage before covering your hair for the night to enhance the growth effect.

How To Do The Greenhouse Effect (Baggying Method):
• Use a spray bottle and spray your hair with water until very slightly damp.
• Apply oil to your hair (avoid getting too much oil on the scalp to prevent clogged pores).
• You can put your hair in a bun, ponytail, braids, twists or any other style.
• Cover your hair with either a plastic cap if you can find one big enough or a plastic grocery bag will work pretty well too.
• Cover the plastic bag with your scarf or bonnet making sure that everything is secure for the night.
• You can use this method anytime from one – five times a week, it is all about maintaining a healthy balance and finding out what works for you. Also,please note that you do not need to wash your hair after using this method.
• In the morning allow up to 20 minutes for your hair to dry or else use a blow dryer on a cool setting to get rid of the excess moisture.

Some benefits of using the GHE:
• Hair growth
• Naturally softens the hair
• Helps combat dryness
• Moisturized hair has more definition
• Easier to seal in the moisture.

For Best Results:
Doing the GHE method often for two to three months at a time will get you great results, you can choose how many days a week you want to embark on this challenge and do it. At least 3 to 4 days a week. You can alternate between scalp massages, which help improve blood flow in your scalp and also helps generate hair growth as well. You can also do a length check (take a photo) before you begin and choose to do one bi-weekly or monthly when it comes to this challenge. See if it is working for you and if it is helping your hair grow.

Have you tried the Greenhouse Method?

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