Romper’s are all the rave for the summer! I love me a cute romper to wear for just about any occasion. Not only can you pair it with just about anything, you cant go wrong with a pair of sneakers, sandals, heels or even combat boots! My favorite thing about Romper’s are how comfy they always are, besides the having to completely get nakey when having to use the bathroom LOL. Other than that, they are bomb, especially this flower piece from

Outfit Details:

Floral Romper: Tobi

Hat: Forever21

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Spring has finally arrived and I am sprung! And I am adding more floral into the collection (cant have enough florals!). I’m obsessed with this sheer piece from Lulu’s. It’s all about the details. The Maxi skirt, criss-cross action in the back, deep plunge in the front and the floral print mixed in sheer fabric. I paired it off with a leather jacket (because I’m all about the rocker-chic look).

Maxi Dress: Lulu’s

Jacket: Macy’s

Shoes: Forever21

I hardly ever wear pink, but when I do, I like to wear it with a bang! Statement pieces can accentuate the simplest outfits and give it more sass. In this case I paired this skirt with a black leather jacket to contrast the pink suede skirt and also paired it along with the trending transparent heels. To top it off, a pair of eccentric sunnies to finish the look.

Outfit Details:

Skirt: Lulu’s

Sunglasses: Amazon

Jacket: Macy’s

Top: Misguided

Shoes: Lulu’s

Estee Lauder which has been around for ages! Launched their Double Wear Nude Cushion Stick Foundation sometime last year and I am just now getting my hands on this to finally try it out. [Woop Woop!]If you are into the dewy skin look, then you are in for a treat! It claims to instantly hydrate and leave skin with a radiant glow lasting up to 8 hours.

              It comes in a array of shades to choose from (20 to be exact) to find your perfect match.

The packaging is very appealing, I love the gold details, and how light is is especially for traveling purposes.

The two colors I felt that were more of a match for me was between the “Honey Bronze” and “Rich Ginger”.

I have a strong tan here in which “Rich Ginger” would suit me best, but when I’m not so tan the “Honey Bronze” works best.

In order to use this foundation you would need to pull the gold cap off and slowly twist the base of the stick until the foundation disperses. You can easily apply the foundation wherever needed and blend in with the cushion applicator.

These were my before and after results using ONLY the foundation. It absorbs well, but I have super oily skin and I was not a fan of the dewy look. You can set the foundation with powder if you prefer the Matte look like me.

My main drawback besides the dewy look would be the cushion applicator, I have acne prone skin and that would be a concern of mine worrying about the bacteria on it. Although it is removable and can be washed out to ensure that it remains bacteria free.

Retailing for $40 which is pretty average for a name brand foundation but if you’re interested in checking out their foundation check out Estee Lauder’s site, or if you already have I would love to know your thoughts!

If you’re a curly girl and haven’t heard of Bumble and Bumble where have you been?? This whole line is amazing and I cant wait to share it with you all. Bumble and Bumble have been around for as long as I remember, but this is their first line that caters to curly hair. I was a bit skeptical before trying these products, not knowing how my hair would react or even if my hair would like them. But I was pleasantly surprised upon trying them! And I’m glad to say some of these are now my staples. View Post