Turks & Caicos | Girls Trip

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“Going on a girls trip;
I need about 4 outfits. I’ve packed 35 just to be safe”

What a better way, than to spend an entire weekend with your girls in one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Turks & Caicos. If you have never been to Turks & Caicos, you, my friend are missing out on some of the clearest, turquoise water you will ever see! And even though we were only there for a few days, we were able to cram in lots of activities. It’s a small island, but the area where we stayed in definitely wasn’t cheap! These coffee cups you see us holding were merely 6 dollars a piece! Other items found at the local supermarket were also pretty expensive, let’s just say most things were double the regular price you’re used to paying for.    Read More

Henna + Coloring

How to Boost Your Hair Color & Shine Using Clairol Professional Beautiful Collection


Don’t you just hate those in between phases of your hair where the color looks dull and needs a boost to revive it? Thankfully, there are such things like glosses and formulated dyes to boost your hair color. Sometimes when you frequently use shampoo it can strip your color-treated hair, often leaving it to appear lifeless. Recently, I revisited an old staple of mine to boost my hair color and shine. Clairol Professional’s Beautiful Collection, not only is it ammonia free, but it’s moisturizing and infused with jojoba oils! Check out the video below to see how I refreshed and brought my color back to life.

Events / Fashion

Sammy B Holiday Dinner and Collection Preview Event


If you don’t know who Samantha Black is by now, where have you been!?. Not only has she worked with some of the biggest fashion names in the industry, but she was also a part of the Project Runway cast in 2013. In addition to that,  many celebrities have also worn her pieces, including:  Angela Simmons, Keri Hilson, La la Anthony, Beyonce (Yes you read that right, BEYONCE) and more.

In 2016, I had the opportunity to work with Sam during fashion week, as she was the lead Designer opening The Texture on the Runway Show with Dark & Lovely. I was one of the few models chosen to showcase Samantha Black’s designs that were specifically made for the show.  That evening, Samantha opened the show with a bang!

Her vision and aesthetic is quite unique, yet very New York.  Can you imagine how thrilled I was to hear Samantha was hosting a holiday dinner along with a preview of her new collection.  Check out a sneak peek of her exclusive new collection below. Read More


A Weekend in Washington, D.C.


Quick weekend getaways are essential in my book. The spontaneity of picking up and going away always excites me. Especially when going somewhere new. This time, we got to do a quick road trip to check out “The District” aka, Washington, DC. I’ve heard so many good things about the city, from the Museums, Nightlife, Historical Monuments, Brunches and more. If you’re interested in heading this way one day, check out some of the highlights of our trip below. Read More

Henna + Coloring

Coloring Natural Hair Using Clairol Pro: Textures & Tones


You guysss! I darkened my hair this season and I’m obsessed! I cant even remember the last time I had dark hair and I’ve been so stuck on being blonde for the past x-amount of years. I am not gonna lie, there are times I do miss my blonde hair, but I definetly don’t miss the damage. Right now I am loving the dark and it was definitely time for a change. While going dark, I wanted to go with a color that was subtle and still complimented me, because going from light to dark can be really drastic at times. I chose to darken my hair with Clairol Pro’s Textures & Tones. Not only have I used many of their color’s in the past (especially the infamous “honey blonde” color), but being familiar with this line comforts me that I know I will achieve a good result [Trust me- I’ve trialed many many box color’s]. So, perks of this hair color?: it’s ammonia-free, texture-loving, moisture-rich and conditions the hair with jojoba and five botanical extracts. AND this line was designed for women of color. Check out my video-tutorial below to see my before and after results. Read More